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TSC celebrates Twosday
Sue Scott

Tutus, ties, tiaras and tie-dye shirts are in fashion at many schools today as students and staff mark 2/22/22. The palindrome date, meaning it can be read the same both forward and backward, proved to be extra special because it fell on a Tuesday. 

Teachers were seeing double as several students dressed as twins at Dayton Elementary School. “We are using this day to talk about all things two,” says kindergarten teacher Nicole Filipiak. “In addition to wearing tutus, ties and pairs of crazy socks, we celebrated with Twosday crafts and hats. We even changed our math and writing plans, such as adding by two and highlighting our two favorites things. Our kids were very excited and loved getting to celebrate this fun day!”

Dayton second graders celebrate Twosday

At Hershey Elementary School, many students wore ties and tie-dye shirts to commemorate Twosday.

Hershey students on Twosday

While over at Wea Ridge Elementary, the hallways turned into a dance party when the clock hit 2:22 pm.

Students have a dance party at WRE

Third grade students in Barb Tilley’s class at Mintonye Elementary School celebrated Twosday by incorporating two into everything: “We measured two, 12, and 22 cm around the room, wrote sentences for to, two, and too, made doubles of a pattern block shape that a partner had to mirror. We ate Twix bars during our creative writing time. We named two states that match our clues. Did jumping jacks for two minutes. Read with a buddy for 22 minutes. We tried to see who could build the tallest tower with 22 pennies, marshmallows and legos and then we danced at 2:22 pm for two minutes!”

Students at Mintonye dance for two minutes

In second grade, students enjoyed counting by twos and finding two of the same things around Karin Schurman’s classroom. “Today is special because it’s all twos,” says student Emily Leon.

Klondike Elementary School also celebrated Twosday with many activities. Second graders in Tanya Schwecke's class completed a writing assignment about twos.

students at KES celebrate twosday
JES students share writing assignment

The next date to celebrate will be 3-3-33. Students in Jacqi Grider’s first grade class completed a time capsule for students to open on that date of their senior year. The capsules contain a list of their favorite things, a tracing of their hand and a picture of what they want to be when they grow up.

First grade time capsule at Mintonye
Class makes time capsules at Mintonye