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TSC students earn certificates of multilingual proficiency
Sue Scott

The Indiana Department of Education has awarded its new Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency to 25 students from Harrison High School and McCutcheon High School. This is the first group of TSC students to receive the designation which means the students are proficient in two languages.

TSC English Learner Coordinator Melissa Tanner says the students passed an approved, rigorous external assessment in a language other than English, earn at least eight English credits and the high school graduation qualifying exam. At graduation, the students will receive a certificate from the state, a seal on their diploma and wear a special medallion.

McCutcheon senior Edwin Lopez Reyna is excited to receive the certificate: “I feel that by earning this certificate, my options of employment have broadened. I can actually show my employers that I am fluent in both English and Spanish.”

Harrison senior Nora Miqueleiz Alonso says Spanish is her first language. “Having this certificate is something to be proud of, since it is something we have all worked hard for,” Nora says. “This is a very important accomplishment that I know will help me in the future.” She is interested in going to college to study chemical engineering.

“This is a great way to celebrate our multilingual students or successfully completed rigorous world language coursework," says Tanner. “In addition, the award serves as a way to honor and recognize the multiple cultures and languages of our community and to encourage a positive view of multilingualism within our schools.”

Students with multilingual certificates