Tippecanoe School Corporation

Principal's Message

Matt Ridenour

Matt Ridenour


Dear Families,

Welcome to Burnett Creek Elementary! We are excited to have you back, or welcome you to your first year joining this wonderful school. Our goal at Burnett Creek is to provide students with a very comforting learning environment. Your student is surrounded in a creative learning environment that is child-focused and has high expectations. We have an exceptional staff. I cannot emphasize enough the importance that we, as a team, play in developing your child in to a well-rounded human being.

My continued wish for our school community is for parents to fully-support our efforts at Burnett Creek on a daily basis. Please become an advocate for all the hard work that takes place within our walls. The most practical way to do this at Burnett Creek Elementary is to support what we teach (academically and socially) on a daily basis at home. We are here to help your child become successful in all avenues of life, and to reinforce this at home only makes for great Bobcats/Tomahawks/Raiders! We, as educators, continually stress the importance of life skills, treating others with respect, and making wise choices at school. I would like for you to model these at home in an effort to create a caring, responsible child.

Please remember that you are always welcome. We welcome your thoughtful input and suggestions to help make Burnett Creek the best it can be. Let’s have a fantastic year and continue to read!!